The Law of Attraction Hoax


For some time, I Have been needing to “get this out of my system.” As such, this post may seem a little like a “rant” and may jar several folks’ nerves. On one hand, my goal isn’t to cause any displeasure; on the flip side, if displeasure is caused by it then I am glad I Have given you something more profound to contemplate.

Really, for nearly three years now I’d sometimes be reminded about the seeming inconsistency of calling the Law of Attraction a “Law.” Why does it appear to work for some folks and not others, when it’s a law like gravity?

Some teachers have tried to accommodate it by saying it’s to do with what you consider, both subconsciously and consciously. They propose that if you should align subconscious beliefs and your conscious beliefs with what you would like to pull, then you’ll bring it like magic.

Sounds great does not it?

My goal isn’t to criticize other strategies to symptom, but instead, to call into question the inconsistencies. Why is it that the Law of Gravitation does not require our subconscious beliefs to alter, but the Law of Attraction does?

Other “Spiritual Laws” do not even need changes of subconscious beliefs to readily find the cause and effect relationship: Law of Selections, Law of Actions, Law of Equilibrium, Law of Ethics, Law of Compassion… to name a few.

Not one of them need altering your subconscious beliefs to find effects. They simply need being conscious that they exist and paying attention to they manner in which they show (interesting word, huh?) in your own life when you take actions in alignment with them. So why must we alter our beliefs for the “Law of Attraction” to operate?

I am going to try to answer that question now. First though, I’d like to say that I voluntarily make use of the term “Law of Attraction” because it is a good method to convey a simple thought that’s gone mainstream, and that thought is this:

When we live in conscious knowledge, we can experience life the way we should.

In other words we can show that which we desire. The difference though between my strategy on the “Law of Attraction” than others though is I am not concerned so much about establishing “matters.” I focus on establishing encounters -and more particularly- internal experiences of our True Nature.

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