The Law About Health Problems in the US Army

My brother is leaving for Iraq. He needs to go right into combat training August 22nd. His sergeant does not know about his mental illnesses, he is bi-polar as well as has a panic disorder as well as some sort of aggressiveness condition additionally. Just how can the army except somebody in this state of mind. To me it seems like devoting suicide by mosting likely to Iraq in this state of being. Can he take his medication? What happens if he is not able to take it? He is also addicted to pain killers considering that he has a negative back. Exists a mental analysis before he leaves? Would certainly he be a threat to his very own pals?

Soldiers who exhibit symptoms of illness – physical or mental – are referred to the army treatment facility for medical diagnosis and also therapy, if essential. If your brother has the issues you specify he does, they need to be included in his army medical records, which will be reviewed prior to his deployment and also, when the problems developed, whether at release or prior, will certainly make him non-deployable.

That he is scheduled for deployment and also has the conditions you allege leads me to think that he has not reported these problems. If so, he needs to have his dealing with doctors report the problems to the army doctors. Some of the above disorders might not make him nondeployable, specifically if controllable with medicine.

Your brother should see his armed forces medical care medical professional and guarantee his problems are kept in mind, identified, and treated, and also this medical professional will make certain that the needed actions are taken concerning his release condition. I recommend he do so immediately.

I am a contracted cadet, so I am no longer able to get out of the Army. I assume I might have some kind of an anxiety disorder, however, I am worried to look for help because I do not desire to get invalidated (I require ROTC to pay for university). From exactly what I’ve read it seems that if I see a medical professional as well as obtain identified with something that I inform them about I will shed my scholarship.

SOLUTION: While you could check out a doctor as well as not educate the Army, eventually (most likely at your commissioning physical), you will certainly be asked. If you exist, you will certainly dedicate a felony under the UCMJ. The physician you see might rely on a person – ROTC – for payment for your therapy, and if s/he discovers you need subsequent due to the severity of your problem, s/he could wish to contact your medical care carrier.

Not all anxiety disorders disqualify one from army solution.

The lower line comes down to this – is getting a diagnosis and treatment much more crucial to you than going unattended and also continuing to be in requirement of therapy, and also is your honesty worth only the expense of your university tuition? As to the initial inquiry, if you feel you require treatment, you must get it, as going without treatment with a genuine condition can jeopardize your health as well as stop your healing.

Can the Military browse your medical or insurance coverage records without your permission? Your health is a military-related issue, and also the Army deserves to look at it.

But in the long run, the chance of the Military finding out about your browse through to a doctor, on your own, is not fantastic. So you make the telephone call.

The very best course of action is to obtain on your own to a medical professional if you assume you require it. Chances are any type of diagnosis you get will not be service-disqualifying, but if it is, after that it is a serious diagnosis for which you will need expert treatment.

His sergeant does not know concerning his psychological ailments, he is bi-polar and has a panic condition and some type of aggression condition. If so, he requires to have his treating physicians report the problems to the military physicians. I think I may have some type of a stress and anxiety disorder, nonetheless, I am worried to seek aid because I don’t want to obtain invalidated (I require ROTC to pay for university). The doctor you see might transform to a person – ROTC – for billing for your therapy, and if s/he finds you need adhere to up since of the severity of your condition, s/he might want to call your key care service provider.

As to the first inquiry, if you feel you need treatment, you need to get it, as going neglected with an actual problem could threaten your health and also avoid your recuperation. To read more visit

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