Choosing the Right Attorney

How do I find a good family law lawyer or the best divorce lawyer in my city?

How do I find a very good or even the best lawyer for my divorce? Where can I find a top divorce service for my online divorce in Germany?

Safe tips and tricks on how to find the best divorce lawyer for you!

Are you looking for the best divorce lawyer for you in Düsseldorf, the best divorce service in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich or Stuttgart? You can’t see the forest for the trees for the lawyers in the confusing directories on the Internet and in the printed pages anymore? You’re afraid – let’s just call it by its name – of rip-offs and that a lawyer you’ve never seen before will cheat you on costs? The good news for you: THAT MUST NOT BE!

Before we give you all the information you need on how to find the best divorce lawyer (or the best family law firm, or the best divorce service) for yourself, you’ll find some links to serious articles and authentic reports on the actions (and sometimes inactions) of some lawyers:

Hopefully we haven’t scared you too much, because of course there are also good law firms in family law that disclose their costs transparently. Unfortunately, you first have to find them…

Can I get a divorce without a lawyer?

For your divorce you need at least one lawyer in Germany. Without a divorce lawyer, your divorce petition cannot cross the doors of the family court. This is not always understandable, but it will not help you if you ask yourself why you are not allowed to submit the divorce petition to the court yourself.

This brings us back to the initial question and perhaps the most important question for you in the upcoming divorce proceedings: How and where can I find a good, honest, experienced and inexpensive divorce lawyer? Who is the right lawyer for you? How can I test the lawyer I have chosen (mostly at random) BEFORE I sign the power of attorney (= contract)? Is the lawyer obliged to tell me the exact costs of the possible assignment? What if I am already asked to pay for the first meeting? What if I don’t know what to do with his information, because I didn’t understand it (I’m not a lawyer – usually -) or because he simply talked past the facts?

Initial situation for you: You have (unfortunately) not received a good tip from your best friend (or your best friend), who has already had the divorce behind him, which lawyer could be considered for the divorce. So you’ll have to get by on your own again!

Are you really taking these lists any further?

If you see lawyer directories, forget it; how are you supposed to find a really good lawyer among hundreds? The reviews are not faked, but the lawyers can delete “unattractive” reviews quite easily. So you only see the good to very good comments…; you are just as smart as before. 15 years ago you would have searched the “Yellow Pages” for law firms, and perhaps the biggest ad would have won with you. That too is almost passé these days.

What you should not get involved with at all when looking for a lawyer
You are looking for a good lawyer in a city or region. You can still look in printed directories, which hardly anyone does these days. Did you get a good tip from your best friend? That’s good. You go on the Internet and look for a divorce lawyer who suits you, whom you can trust and who supports you seriously. Lists of 30, 50, 100 and more lawyers are of no use to you! Who should you choose, Mr. Meier or Mr. Müller and why?

It would be nice if you could call somewhere without having to pay directly for it. It would be good for you if you could get a comprehensive picture of the divorce service or divorce lawyer VORAB without having to make an appointment directly. You should be given the chance to build a relationship of trust BEFORE you give the order to someone to perform your personal divorce…

  • Personal and free orientation discussion lead.
  • Get a good picture of the TÜV-certified divorce service in advance.
  • If you have a good gut feeling and all conversations went well, give your confidence and submit the divorce there.
  • 24/7 support around the clock during the entire divorce process is guaranteed.

Safe tips and tricks on how to find the best divorce lawyer

Poking in the fog: What about searching the phone book and the Internet?

If you look in the phone book, you’ll probably hit it again just as quickly as you opened it. There are a number of attorneys named by name. But since names are sound and smoke, you won’t be able to do anything with names alone. The same goes for you if you do research on the internet and don’t know who you are dealing with because of all the names. After all, this is about YOUR divorce. You shouldn’t make any compromises and shouldn’t hire any lawyer you don’t know who he is, with what competence he practices his profession and with what commitment he will carry out your mandate. So what can you do?

Accessibility: How is the lawyer reachable?

Lawyers usually have office hours. Since lawyers are usually in court in the mornings and have to deal with briefs in the afternoons, it is not uncommon in the 21st century for you not to reach a lawyer directly by telephone and have to make do with his anteroom lady. But you can expect him to call you back at your request, taking into account how you can be reached. If he calls you back, it’s good. If he does not call you back or does so with a long delay, he does not necessarily seem to show great interest in you and your concern. It is also not a good sign if you can only reach the law firm via answering machine or mailbox or if you have the feeling that your call is already blocked in the anteroom of the law firm. So what do you want with a lawyer who never or almost never answers back? You have a question at 12:30, only your lawyer has opening hours from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:30? Find someone else!

Alternative: Try a divorce service!

(Attention: That is – admittedly – a little advertising in own thing; you can skip this point gladly…)

There are special divorce services, such as, which have just made it their task to clarify all circumstances and facts relevant to your divorce petition and divorce proceedings in advance of the lawyer’s necessary activity. If you call a competent divorce service, you can expect to be informed confidentially and reliably about all general questions relating to your divorce. You can call us around the clock from 0 a.m. to midnight free of charge on 0800-34 86 723 and always reach a contact person, regardless of whether you are divorcing in Düsseldorf, Berlin or another city in Germany. Above all, we also offer you the option of online divorce, with which you can considerably speed up and simplify your divorce proceedings.

Especially in the evening, when you come home from work and want to talk on the phone in peace and quiet and discuss open points in your divorce, a divorce service offers advantages. Law firms often close at 18:00 at the latest, sometimes even at 17:00. In the lunch break is anyway partially closed. With our TÜV-certified divorce service you do not have this problem. We are open exactly when YOU have time, around the clock, 24 hours a day! And if you operate your divorce online, you are on the safe side with the online divorce anyway.

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