Book Review: The Path Of The Law



The sensible reader of The Course of the Law will take pleasure in the sense of having at his side a guide, philosopher, and teacher who attentively direct him to mastering the law, comprehension, and learning. To read and reread this novel is to become excited in regards to the area also and to experience taking on from a great teacher a number of the matters he’s learned.

The Course of the Law presents the conclusions drawn by Holmes after over 30 years of legal observation, idea, and practice of law. He probably wrote this essay to further discuss what he started in his most well-known publication, The Common Law. The Trail of The Law was written not as a guide to show pupils the best way to think as a lawyer; what this means to be a great attorney; and what this means to truly have a successful law career, although a guide about the practice of law.

What’s This Book About?

Clearly, many changes and developments have taken place in the legal profession and in legal education since this essay was written by Holmes in 1897. But in this publication Holmes isn’t concerned with the practical fine details of education about the law: “Theory is my area, not practical details. The ways of teaching have been enhanced since my time, but business and skill will master the raw material with any style. Theory is the most crucial element of the dogma of the law, as the architect is the main guy who takes part in the construction of a home.”

Who Was Holmes?

Holmes was in a status to speak about American law with great authority. After graduating with his law degree from Harvard, he taught law there. Then he served on the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts for 20 years. Subsequently he was named to the U.S. Supreme Court as an Associate Justice, where he served for 30 years. Despite incredibly wide-ranging expertise and his elaborate names, Holmes never talks to the reader of the publication. Holmes’ apparent love of the law and his urge to help others understand this fascination comes through to the reader clear and loud. Many are used by Holmes simple-to-understand examples through the entire essay.

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